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Witness To A Miracle
Sino Cell’s assistance in autologous CBU infusion – Taiwan’s first case on treatment of a cerebral palsy boy with his own cord blood unit

In October of 2005, Mrs. Wang is seven months pregnant; however, she gave premature birth due to a car accident. During her pregnancy, Mrs. Wang learned of the cord blood bank, and decided to store her baby’s cord blood at Sino Cell. Little does she knows that this decision would give her baby boy a new life.

After birth, Mrs. Wang’s son appeared to be no different from normal babies; however, at 5-6 months of age, the baby could not turn his body over like a normal baby, who was then diagnosed by physician to have severe cerebral palsy.

In the November of 2006, Mrs. Wang inquired with Sino Cell about the possibility of treating cerebral palsy with stem cells. With Sino Cell’s assistance, Mrs. Wang learned that Duke University in the United Sates has already successfully completed similar stem cells transplantation. Owing to the excellent preservation and quality assurance of Sino Cell, the thawed stem cells retained excellent viability of the CD34 cells, and with the recommendation of the medical team, Mrs. Wang’s baby son completed the cord blood transplantation.

Profile: Sino Cell’s Wang case

Name: Wang
Diagnosis: severe cerebral palsy
Birthdate: 2005/10
Date of the CBU therapy: 2007/2
National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) cooperated to complete Taiwan’s first case of using autologous cord blood unit (CBU) infusion to treat a patient with cerebral palsy.

Witness the miracle – Little Wang’s improved motor function